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What is Scaffolding

Scaffolding is used in construction and civil engineering work, event staging, and even building maintenance. It can provide a temporary structure to support workers and materials at elevated locations without excavating.

Scaffolding is also commonly seen on construction sites and surrounding buildings or other structures under construction or repair.

Scaffolding should be erected by experienced scaffolders who are trained and qualified.

A scaffolder uses the following materials as standard to build scaffolding towers:

Aluminium Scaffold Tubes and Couplers: – Steel tubing is used to create the frame of the tower. It is held together using couplers, like wing nuts, that connect two pieces of scaffold tube.

Scaffold Boards: – These are secured onto the metal frame using rivets, bolts and cotter pins.

Scaffold Plank: – The planks of scaffolding are the walkways and platforms you see at height. They generally come in 4m pieces, although they can be cut down to size if needed.

Scaffold Boards and Bearers: – Scaffolding boards and wooden beams help support planks and provide a flat surface.

Ladders: – The ladders provide access to the scaffolding towers and are fitted with a clip to make it easy for workers to climb.

Safety netting: – Safety netting or mesh can be added to the scaffold as an extra precaution. It prevents objects from falling and provides improved visibility.

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