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Leeds Scaffolding Pros is a local scaffolding company with a team of fully trained and qualified scaffolders ready to take on any scaffolding requirements, including small residential access towers, large commercial scaffolds, temporary roofs, and industrial scaffold towers.

When requiring scaffolding, choosing the right one is essential. You want a professional company that can provide expert knowledge for safe and secure scaffold equipment.

Whether it’s access, emergency, or commercial scaffolding, the set-up needs to help keep your team safe from harm’s way and with minimal risk of accidents happening. We have worked on numerous projects throughout the Yorkshire area and Leeds, providing scaffolding built to last.

There are several reasons why scaffold towers are required for a construction site, such as working at height, transporting materials into hard-to-reach places or simply providing an additional level for working.

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Why do our clients choose the services of Leeds Scaffolding Pros?

Our values and ethos as a professional scaffolding firm have helped us achieve our high reputation in the construction industry.

Our expert knowledge and numerous projects are undertaken mean you receive the right scaffolding equipment, whether it’s for one single day or several weeks.

We are proud to be a local company with a team of scaffolders who are professional and approachable. We keep all our staff updated on the latest health and safety regulations to ensure the highest standards on every job we do.

Industry Leader

With many years of experience in the business, we have earned an excellent reputation for delivering outstanding customer service.

Quality Guaranteed

Our professional scaffolders are highly trained and have the skills and experience to take care of every aspect of your scaffolding work.

Competitive Prices

At Leeds Scaffolding Pros we can provide a bespoke service to suit your exact requirements and budget.

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Our Services

Scaffolding Design

When you require a more complex structure, our team can provide scaffolding design solutions. We use a combination of drawings, sketches and 3D images to give you a complete understanding of the complicated layouts.

Specialist software is used to design the solution to suit your needs and adhere to the health and safety regulations.

Our scaffold design service will ensure all scaffolding towers are built to the right level of safety, whether it’s domestic or temporary roofing.

We can provide custom-designed scaffolding solutions for access towers to rooftops, concrete formwork systems and even timber structure scaffolds.

LEEDS Scaffolding

Our Services

Commercial Scaffolding Solutions

We have been the scaffolding services for many commercial scaffolds in Leeds. We specialise in scaffolding design solutions for any building size, whether a large office block or residential property with multiple floors and roof pitches.

Whether your commercial scaffolding needs are big or small, there’s no project Leeds Scaffolding Pros won’t be able to help you with.

We have undertaken numerous projects, from scaffolding design to painting and roofing, which have helped us build our reputation as the most trusted commercial scaffolders in Leeds and West Yorkshire.

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What is Scaffolding

Scaffolding is used in construction and civil engineering work, event staging, and even building maintenance. It can provide a temporary structure to support workers and materials at elevated locations without excavating.

Scaffolding is also commonly seen on construction sites and surrounding buildings or other structures under construction or repair.

Scaffolding should be erected by experienced scaffolders who are trained and qualified.

A scaffolder uses the following materials as standard to build scaffolding towers:

Aluminium Scaffold Tubes and Couplers: – Steel tubing is used to create the frame of the tower. It is held together using couplers, like wing nuts, that connect two pieces of scaffold tube.

Scaffold Boards: – These are secured onto the metal frame using rivets, bolts and cotter pins.

Scaffold Plank: – The planks of scaffolding are the walkways and platforms you see at height. They generally come in 4m pieces, although they can be cut down to size if needed.

Scaffold Boards and Bearers: – Scaffolding boards and wooden beams help support planks and provide a flat surface.

Ladders: – The ladders provide access to the scaffolding towers and are fitted with a clip to make it easy for workers to climb.

Safety netting: – Safety netting or mesh can be added to the scaffold as an extra precaution. It prevents objects from falling and provides improved visibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of hiring scaffolding in the UK varies depending on how long you need it rented. With prices starting from as little as £250 per week to £500 for a single-sided scaffolding. 

For more extensive domestic commercial and industrial service, it’s advisable to get in contact with us, and we will do our best to provide the scaffold you require at an affordable price.

There are no regulations on how long scaffolding can be left up for on a property. 

However, the scaffold should not be erected in areas that likely cause an obstruction or hazard. 

Scaffolders are skilled tradesmen who erect and dismantle scaffolding to provide a safe working platform for construction.

They are also responsible for ensuring scaffolding is erected to the appropriate standards.


Scaffolding is an essential part of any building project that requires work on the exterior elements. 

Not only does it allow the workers to reach taller heights, but it provides the safe working environment and conditions needed to do said work. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

LEEDS Scaffolding